Tasty dish, fast delivery

It's high time to try a truly perfect dish! The Pizza Time's team of professional cooks will help you make your tasty dream come true. They can preaper a mouth watering thin-crust pizza with juicy topping and deliver it as fast as possible. There are pizza of three sizes and various toppings, fry menu and beverages. Pizza Time offers the pizza to be topped with whatever you like: vegetables, meat, seafood, hot spices, so on. In addition, it’s possible to make an order with free delivery - more details on

The creative team of web developers and designers of Sladko Digital has built a dynamic, user-friendly website for Pizza Time. Whatever a user wants - to look at the menu, make an order or leave a feedback - everything is possible without effort. Thanks to the fully responsive design, it’s no matter from what device a user comes to the website and makes an order since web pages automatically adapt to the browser space and content looks consistent.

Besides, Sladko Digital has created a unique eye-catching logo to become a brand identity for Pizza Time. The logo decorates the website as pizza packaging design and promotional brochure. There is the vibrant design, a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation on the website. What else? Of course, it's a yummy menu!